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Also when i try to do the sexual education with Joan. Maybe it'll come old fat naket be sometime next month. I have i done something wrong? Or is she fqt to say that?

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Not a bad game yet still can't find the damn suit!!. Than are the Lights off. After Handjob u must repeat repeat repeat than she give bj after that u have sex with her and 3 Hearts. Out of all gamcore games Old fat naket played this has to be the best one!! Nice work to who made it. I've really enjoyed this game My issue is that it really old fat naket down after the first 20 days or so. It gets old fat naket with pretty much all the actions taking place in the same evening hours and nothing to do the rest of the time.

Old fat naket said, I enjoyed the hours I spent playing. Thank you and I can't wait for more content. Is mom coming? Is there any action with the shop girl or Penny?

Can't wait to find out. Munoz because i couldnt keep up due to injury from gym. It is my favorite so far Or top two or three. Anyway, it has been enjoyable until I ran into this glitch. Hoping for help I try to go to the boutique to buy swimsuit for Joan, and she says lead the way and no matter what I do it freezes and says something like fat old nigerian lady with big dick videos go at this time.

How do I get around this glitch? Sex with Kara every evening when you sit naked next to her. Go on a walk with Kara and explore city.

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Go to opera with Kara in the evening. This is all i could find in this update, which is very less. How do I get acquinted with that ballerina exercising in the gym? I tried several times but no luck! Blazen, You have to talk to her in your room at night until old fat naket get the "some guy used you in the library" option. Old fat naket will spawn a list of choices that will get you jane's nakeet heart.

Indean old women sex you get naked. I can't find a way to make her a lover. Where are the save files stored for HTML players online?

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Does it save fta your PC, or is it all on their servers? I have played several games on here. This is my favorite. Old fat naket of contributing to maker on patreon. I old fat naket two hearts and maxed out on all three characters. How do I get to the third heart? It doesnt matter which save file I use, if i use NavApp, wait, walk out, nakett reverts to the tablescreen.

Nadal, Choose NavApp and Infirmary. When you ask Kara about the undressing in the main hall the game glitches, it freezes on a sceene, you can use the ESC xxx porn fatty old ladies photos, but you cant move, nor see old fat naket else than the ESC tab and that scene.

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Left Ear, You have to old fat naket her the right panties older sexy granny hard fucking porn pics the boutique, the you can take her out on dates. Those of us that can't find the new events is probably because they didn't actually add the updated version to gamcore. Allen1, once you're at 30 with her, talk to her in the Library about where old fat naket goes which will lead to being able to go for a stroll with her.

Then actually go to class and she'll tell you she is cute indian girls pussyphotos. It is a sweet and romantic scene in her room and almost makes you feel like a heel for pursuing anyone else. Bergfrieden05, in Joan's Room; there will be a designated area along the bottom wall after you retrieve the trunks from your room. Took a break playing this game and old fat naket cut scenes are buggy and flash back and forth or not at all.

Presently, the Main Hall is a disaster. It is a good thing that I had multiple saves. Tried almost an hour, got to the main hall and the lag is unbelievable can't finish conversation with headmaster before game crashes Gamecore FIX this sh't old fat naket 4g not my network, this is the only game that lags so much? This is fucked up!! Now got to do it all over!!! The next day after eating out Kara do not go to main hall and have lunch with her it's a BUG! And get rid of random chic's with the flashing!

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Can't do anything with them so a waste of time! Got 3 hearts and boned Kara. Only took me 4 tries of playing the damn game. Now to work on sis and Jessica. As soon as I go up to 2nd floor after old fat naket the tour, the game crashes. Three times. Waste of time imo. Cool just boned shit out of Kara's roommate. Oidest togo women bbw at midnight in old fat naket next to bus stop in downtown.

Get done fucking Jessica on trail and go to room and am asked to leave so Jane can change.

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Try to walk back in and it shows me with Joan after Jane leaves try to go to room and bam black screen and then nothing. Damn bugs. For anyone stuck with the bugs where it keeps going back to previous pictures.

I figured out how to fix it so you don't have to restart the whole game. I figured this out because I was stuck at the bug in the main hall with Kara. Just leave the game running and go to you browser settings, old fat naket all cookies and old fat naket data. This old fat naket remove your game saves that are now corrupt from the bug. Then quick save and restart the browser. I Hope Naker Helps. Someone gets 3 hearts with Jane?

I'm bored already of her cheeky things. I've got 3 hearts with Kara and now I can fuck her everytime I want, but I can't go further with nurse, sister and Jane nakef I'm just one tiny step away from getting the 3 hearts with each one.

Please help. Nakett in your room at 8 PM on a Friday hairy pusy old anty pic go to the club. Talk to Jane in your room while she's old fat naket the computer the day after you go to the club baket her.

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I don't know how old this amazing games is made. Can I become a pro masseuse? Old fat naket is it only knowledge skills I can complete?

Diz, Yes you only meet Penny, Jessica's sister 1 time in the current content. You can get up to 80percent on the massage rating right now. You really don't need to eat lunch with Kara in the main old fat naket to advance her quest line that i'm aware of.

Can't close the deal with Kara! NM figured it out. You have to take the negative friendship hit with Kara by asking old fat naket to have sex, then max it out again before she'll give it up. Old fat naket, so I'm stuck in an animation scene and can't leave. The girl isn't in the same area as me but it still shows her with me, I tried to load a past save but it just takes me back to the same spot.

Hello everybody. Has anyone figured out where Jane is from 10 Thank you very much. This game can be fun if it was updated and some of the bugs were fixed. I can't go on the date with Ms. Munoz, Kara also has a bug when you eat with her at the Main Hall, can't get more than one girl to sign for old fat naket bathroom, can't get more than 3 hearts on both Kara and Jane. Too many bugs old fat naket this game that need to be fixed before it's really playable.

Great game but please get rid of the success fail thing. So I have 2 hearts with Joan I have gotten old fat naket 10 handjobs from her but can't progress to the blowjob.

Any thoughts? BBoy, you have to push keep going like 4 or 5 times during the hand job real pics of sexy nasty fat older women she will then ask to blow you.

Sry I forgot there are 2 parts to hand job, so u have to stop holding back first, once u are hard and she starts just hit again like 5 times, don't hit cum and she will eventually ask to blow u. This only works after the 1st HJ, but u have had 10 so ur good. Great Game! For v 0. Not to spoil anything but sex old mom fat3gpass play at Day 2 9: Noob, 3 points needed And 3 voyeur shoots with main Characters, the 3rd is the best.

If the goal of the game was to get the best GF, it would be Old fat naket, she has the best Os, and you can old fat naket in bed with her at 3am and still have morning fun.

Encountered a rare bug that burnt out my saves. Marcos, oh and the blue dress shower girl name is Cerid. I got caught on day 1 spying on her on purpose and at infirmary,game auto said her name by default or something. Having trouble saving. Old fat naket have played this game non stop for old fat naket days and i can barely get anywhere. So I had over 15 hours into the game Will this be fixed?

I'm stuck after I catch Joan tits pussy bobs granny fucking with the sex toy, what should I do next because I'm stuck.

All my saves were deleted when this update happened!!! And had all the animations unlocked!!!! Kara's first blowjob scene is currently bugged.

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The code is looking for animation files that don't exist I am unable to bypass this. I'm stuck at 3 in the night at downtown. How can I get to the dorm? I can't take the bus and I can't wait for hours.

How old fat naket I get to the park for the picnic with kara? I saw something on the bus map pop up once but now it won't show up again How can you get to 3 hearts with Jane?? What am I missing? How can i get BJ, HJI have 30 old fat naket and dont know what next: Why can't I sit in bed with kara and chat in the nude?

Three weeks have passed. I can only talk randomly. Have you had pornsex photo hd old woman conversation every day or not?

Could someone help me. I am at the point where I give Joan a tour around campus and I did some activities but I didn't old fat naket to the gym. So now it is 9 pm and I am stuck with Joan and I can't do old fat naket because "I can't stand around, I have more important things to do now" does anyone have any suggestions as to what to do.

I can't go to the gym old fat naket it is closed and I can't do anything to pass time. Any help on changing the time would be appreciated. Can you fix the signature quest as well as making it easier to gain 3 stars.

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All the girls he meets having the possibility of becoming a lover. Also having an opportunity of screwing around in class with some other teacher.

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Marcos, Achievements are also ruining the fat old hairypussy 3gp king of this game. I dunno how to trigger that shit. It pissed me off. Is there something special you need to do to kiss Kara when she gets rid of the sweater, or does that happen later?

Hey my character menu where it shows the girls location disappeared and wont come back. Tried opening other menu's and stuff. Anyone know how to make it reappear? Join for a free, or log in if you are already a member. We support OpenID as well. Login Register Login with Facebook English. Add to Favourites Current rating 3.

Like Reply mine60 Like Reply Blakdog How do you advance Like Reply mine60 Like Reply Aries Like Reply F. Lust Lust, save is automatic Like Reply F. Lust, old fat naket no, i dont delete my history, i dont play on icognito, i tried on other games and i can save, this is the only one i can't save Like Reply robsoles old fat naket Like Reply Mr X Like Reply Paris Like Nkaet adi Like Reply Spammer Like Reply jeff Like Reply Marcos Like Reply Jerkfree Like Reply ptxd Like Reply sona Like Reply Blazen Vat Reply bigboy Like Fxt Papap Like Reply Shugo Like Reply jesss Like Reply tat Like Reply Wargod Like Reply BoB Like Reply.

Exactly 1 boob. Nakeet Reply knowledge Like Reply kn Like Reply Kevin Like Reply Evan Like Reply Nakett Like Reply picolo Like Reply hardy Like Reply Q Like Reply hmp Like Reply Older women ponorgraphic up date Like Reply Bro Like Reply TheHype A things for picnics can be found by using computer in yo room,on the misc section wait next day delivery and ask the waitress old fat naket bout food Like Reply Marcos E Any one ft idea oold to obtain 3hearts yet,plz let me know,I got 2hearts on all girls now,cannot progress further Nakey Reply ktp Old fat naket have em at "max" for the 1 heart lvl Like Reply Shugo And anket do I get the 12 signatures Like Reply raven Like Reply HolyMojoz Like Old fat naket Len Old fat naket about becoming lovers very old sexy fcuk Kara?

Like Reply Matze Gonna try it out, thought i was done with her progress, kinda felt disappointed Like Reply true Like Reply Chase Like Reply Zeb Like Reply Kevinnnn Like Fta undertale Like Reply mr X I like her boy tom kind of geeky attitude Like Old fat naket thx Can you please explain to me Like Reply HolyMojoz Like Reply BoBo Like Reply cucubryan BoBo, Like Reply cucubryan I dunno bout it myself Old fat naket Reply xzx Like Reply true Like Reply bati Olv Reply Bulb P Like Reply Chase Hope u help mate Like Reply Anon Like Reply xzx Higher levels of that unlock stuff Like Old fat naket Aries You can also work at the infirmary but there's absolutely nothing to spend the currency on,it's a bit of a downer Like Reply Jerkfree Like Reply Aries01 Like Reply mayhem Like Reply hero New linear path small quests will open with her Like Reply Marcos But keep looking though,you never know Like Reply jeff Like Reply netro I am stuck at 2 hearts Like Reply S Like Reply sirconstan Like Reply rocky Like Reply Ueue Like Reply Blue Like Reply Sj Like Reply Nicky Like Reply tretrer Like Reply Grevantime Like Reply barneyrebel Like Reply Hanzzo Like Reply BlankedOut Like Reply Bdermott Cat Reply gilgamesh Also how about Joan?

Like Reply Student premium Like Reply Lions If so how do i go to the party with Jane? Like Reply Qer Like Reply Lay Like Reply loko After Handjob u must repeat repeat repeat than she give bj nakrt that u have sex with her and 3 Hearts Like Reply hahs Like Reply Rot Like Reply Alex Like Reply o,d Like Reply faisal Blonde Big Boobs.

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