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Monthly Archives: October 2016

Dual Security

An Internet Security framework is fundamental the same number of online clients without firewall assurance whose PC’s are associated with the Internet would not survive infection assaults and different dangers. Empowering a dynamic system security is hence basic for them.

Keeping in mind the end goal to protect the framework, it is essential to introduce and arrange an identification framework before getting on the web. Introduce windows XP administrations Pack 2 or windows vista and utilize worked in firewall while looking for a hearty firewall. A combo set of equipment and programming firewall renders an additional layer of security. Equipment firewalls are more grounded with regards to opposing assaults and a solitary equipment switch can secure each PC on your system.

Such firewalls are effective irrespective of little or no configuration; however they lose out in securing outbound traffic. Hardware firewalls can block all outbound ports and keep only your port 80, 110 and 25 open, but they look at all outbound traffic as safe, which in some cases might not be true. Take a look at this situation when its own SMTP services are infected and are sending out mail on port 25. Hardware firewall securitysystem allows it without any disruption since it takes all outbound traffic legitimate. In that case if one had configured only outlook to use port 25, attempts by intrusions to enter your PC can be blocked and an alert is generated thereafter.

The downside of intrusion detection software is that it is required to be installed and configured in every system one wishes to protect from intrusions and threats. It may be expensive or time consuming if it is to be installed in large number of computers; at the end of the day, it is imperative to make sure that your system is secure. Most firewalls provide essential features such as access points and broadband routers have a built in firewall, which protects systems from plug-ins. Since malwares are malicious or unwanted software such as viruses, Trojans, browser hijackers, spoofers, redirectors and hoaxes, which are created for all the wrong reasons.

There are different firewalls and antivirus programs available online, which are exclusively designed and created to minimize risks of being infected and influenced by malicious objects. Some of the major softwares have already outranked some of the popular commercial softwares. In conclusion firewall softwares offer plethora of protection features such Trojan horse programs and viruses while hardware firewalls offer excellent general protection against hacker attempts to infiltrate your system.


Preparations For Weakening Phishing Impacts

Illicit movement in the IT domain is expanding and making negative conditions for organizations. IT security issues are on the ascent with creative assaults. Phishing is a lasting disease that many have surrendered to. Organizations must be careful about phishing assaults and be set up to counterattack any vindictive entrances. A business is sent fake sends that appear to have been sent from real sites, for example, those of banks and monetary foundations. These sends ask for secret data and individual points of interest, for example, ledger numbers and Mastercard numbers without raising any doubt.

The business is uninformed of the principle goal of these sends and promptly shares the data and when it understands the imprudence that has been made the harm is now done. It is inconceivable that an advancing business can submit such senseless missteps. However the slip-up happens on the grounds that the representatives don’t know about phishing systems and its outcomes. Each business needs to refresh its representatives in regards to the phishing assaults through consistent phishing mindfulness instructional meetings.

As every business has multiple units and an expansive network it is vital to ensure the enforcement of a unified strategy that can address all phishing related issues effectually. The anti-phishing software is a phishing awareness appliance that helps to measure the employees’ awareness levels and provides vital tips on how to effectively address the phishing issue. The software launches a simulated phishing attack, tracks and monitors the responses of the employees, analyses and measures their awareness levels and sends out the reports through personalized emails to individual employees.

The anti-phishing software highlights the weak links in the processes and the people and helps the business to build a stronger team. It facilitates integration and provides real-time analysis reports. The software provides compelling phishing protection advice and helps businesses from becoming an easy prey. The on-premise phishing awareness appliance is a time saving and cost-effective solution as it is easy to deploy. It provides customized solutions that fulfill the requirements and expectations of the business rendering a satisfactory outcome.

Hiring new employees can increase the risks and there is a need to implement solutions that can automatically control and maintain the competency to detect all phishing attacks and thwart them without any delays. The anti-phishing software takes over complete responsibility as it automatically launches the mock attacks periodically and updates the employees as well as the business duly.

How to Maintain Privacy in Facebook?

Person to person communication is developing as are the quantity of individuals who are dependent on its unbelievable components. Since Facebook is unquestionably among the most enjoyed person to person communication site, individuals escape by its components effortlessly. Keeping up one’s Facebook protection matters most as keeping complete control of a record is pivotal to one’s security on the web. Since keeping up Facebook security settings is simple, a client can arrange them as indicated by his inclination. Since a man’s notoriety depends on what he shares and posts on Facebook divider, security is vital. By essentially signing on, one can change those settings with the goal that one can’t just encroach and see every little thing about you.

Here are a couple tips to avoid threats of Facebook interruption :


Privacy settings on Facebook are consequently set to private profile. It implies that nobody yet your companions can perceive what it says. In the event that you haven’t included somebody as your companion, they won’t have the capacity to see much about your profile. You would need to go in and physically change those settings so that nobody could basically go in and see every little thing about you.


It can be a lot of fun to upload a ton of pictures onto your Facebook account. You want to share them with everyone. The problem with this is that you may not want the whole world to see your personal photos. If you don’t want people to know what you look like, you are better off leaving personal photos off the site. You might have your site set to private, but there is someone out there that won’t mind hacking into your account to see what you have there.

What’s on your mind

This is where you can tell others what is going on with you. You can be as open or closed mouth about what you are doing as you want to be. You do not have to post every move you make on Facebook, as no one will really care about most of it. Be picky about what you put there. This is the best way to maintain a sense of privacy on Facebook.

Maintaining a sense of privacy on Facebook is all about how you handle your account. If you handle it carelessly or you simply don’t care, you will not have any privacy at all. If you choose to, there are many ways that you can keep unwanted people from reading or seeing what you don’t want them to read and see. It’s all about personal responsibility.


About Email Encryption

Do you realize that most email messages you send go through many secured and unsecured systems? Now and then they get checked, sniffed over or can be replicated on various servers they go through, everywhere throughout the web. Your email messages may contain your to a great degree private information or your own data which any one can read on the off chance that he has admittance to any of the servers those email messages go through.

This sort of get to can be picked up by anybody from the administration snoopers, organizations themselves, programmers, phishing and other online trick players.

With a risk that way, you might need to secure your email messages by scrambling them to hinder their view from prying eyes.

Consider the situation where you are mailing a check to pay a service bill or sending a letter to a companion or an individual from your family telling the beneficiary that the additional key to your home is covered up underneath the case of apparatuses set directly behind the huge plant in your garden. To convey such touchy data, you might need to utilize a security envelope with incubated lines to disguise the real substance of the envelope.

If such level of precaution should you take while mailing a letter, wouldn’t you want to practice the same preventive measure while you send personal or confidential information through email? Sending personal or private and sensitive information in an unencrypted email is like writing them on a postcard and offering people to see it.

The best way to make sure that your information can not be sniffed over by any nosy intruder; it is recommended to save your text information in a document file and encrypted it before attaching it in the email. Before reaching its intended destination, even if someone manages to sniff into the email, the encrypted attachment in it will remain safe no matter how hard the prying individual tries to decrypt it. This way, even the most dedicated hacker can be prevented from intercepting and sneaking into your private communications.

Now, the question is which program is reliable enough to offer such an unbreakable security? Our suggestion for you is to go for a product that uses 256-bit AES encryption algorithm, the strongest encryption standard adopted by US Government.

One of the most reliable encryption products available in the market, Folder Lock has proven to be the most trusted file encryption software robust enough to curb all efforts of data theft and information sniffing.

Folder Lock’s feature to encrypt e-mail is easy to use and offers strong protection against prying eyes. You can send your encrypted files and folders through emails, CDs/DVDs and other portable devices like USB drive, thumb drive and memory cards securely and safely. You can easily encrypt your data and sensitive information and send it via email to your friends, colleagues and relatives the way you normally do.

The intended recipient of the email can access your encrypted locker and the sensitive information saved inside the locker by providing the correct password. For better security, it is recommended that you don’t send the password of your encrypted locker in the same email; give it via phone or by another mean, instead. In this way, you can easily and safely send your private information over the internet to your business partner without any fear of data being lost, leaked or compromised.