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Ways to Promote Blog

Whether you have a blog or maintain a website, you will find that the crucial and ultimate point is to drive more traffic to your website or blog. This will increase your page impressions and ad sense revenue as well. Some of the best ways to improve on your blogging and website traffic are discussed below:

1. Write Killer and informative articles:
When you blog see that you do not beat around the bust. Write every article you publish on your blog and website be filled with information. Occasionally write killer articles that will be of a considerable length and rich in information. This way more readers will be interested to come back to your blog for reference and in search of information which increases the number of page views.$

2. Use Social Networking Sites:
There are a number of social networking sites online, which can aid in bringing more readers and increase page views or impressions. Some of the popular and best social networking sites are Facebook and Twitter. Other will include, LinkedIn, orkut, digg, friends feed and much more. Letting your friends and users of these sites know that you have some, new content published online, and will fetch better results in comparison to other ways of increasing the page impressions.

3. Advertise:
If you are blogging about a brand or a product and not concerned about the amount of money spent on advertising your articles, then you can create Ad words for publishing your contents and promoting the contents of your blogs and products. This will increase in a considerable amount the number of page views for your blogs and websites.

4. Create Sitemaps:
Sitemaps are protocols that compile all the URLs of your webpage or blogs, and gathers additional metadata information of the site and the blog. This is them generated as XML files, which is easily identified by the web crawlers, which increases the chances of being picked up to be included in the search engines, and will therefore increases the number of page views.

5. Search Engine Optimization:
Write your articles following the nominations required for search engine optimization or write one or two killer articles, say once in six months, with targeted keywords, which will make your article get recognized by various search engines. Even though you SEO optimize your articles, the best thing to do is to make these articles more informative, for only information alone can increase the chances of being clicked for viewing or page views.

6. Use Online Publishers:
There are a number of online publishers who will publish articles from your blogs and websites, and as these online publishers have more readers and visitors, they will decide and choose the best articles for increasing their web revenue. This way, you are paid for every single click of view for your article. This means they will be sharing a small amount of revenue for the content you write for them, and if you are smart enough, you will be adding your website or blog’s URLs.

7. Write More Static Pages:
When you write static pages of your articles, you can write a new article about the same product, and still cross-refer the older article into this article. This means that you will keep your old readers still engaged with more information that is new and invite more new readers to your website/ blog.