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Reasons Why Bloggers Fail ?

There is lots of information on the internet, both paid & free it is about having the proper mind set to take right decision, it should be created with the ability to make a profit out of it. Let’s be honest there are, 3 reasons why bloggers fail.

  1. Fear Competition – A Lot of blogger or you can say new internet marketers are afraid of competition. But the main reason behind every successful blogger is competition. In Internet Marketing, if there is competition than it means there is a bigger market for a particular niche.
  2. They feel, “Why would someone need to read what I’ve got to say on the topic?”
  3. They feel the world is saturated, plus there’s no other blog in that market.
  4. Many people create blogs for fun and not to make money. They don’t take it as seriously as they should.
  5. Most blogger create a blog because it is free and it is easy to create a blog, if the blog is not making any money for them, they simply quit has they have not incurred any money in it.
  6. Most blogger don’t treat their blog their business. A money making blog is a business and it should be treated as such.

If you really want to make money online through blogging, then you need to get serious about it and treat your blog like a business and the only source of your income.
These are the top 5 reasons why bloggers fail! There are many like some don’t believe in themselves, some don’t follow their passion, some blogger don’t have a Goals & they expect everything now.