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Way Make Book Blog

Here are a few ways on how to earn:

1. Affiliate Links. This essentially means working through commission. This is what works best with “review-style blogs.” Sign up for an affiliate program (for example with Amazon and Barnes & Noble), and promote their books or their products.

There will an embedded tracking ID in the links, and whenever a sale originated from your unique link, you will get credit for it. Though the process may be slow, the credits pile up and you’ll be surprised.

2. Pay-Per-Click Advertising. This is when a company pays you to put ads on your website. You get paid for each click their links receive from your visitors. Note that with enough ads on your site, you can earn decent money.

3. Selling your own book-related products. This can be really great if you’re into arts and crafts. All it takes is creativity and effort. There’s a long list of things you can do, and you can make a team to do these: personalized bookmarks, subscription boxes, book-themed t-shirts bags, graphics and web designs, book photography, and reading events.