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Getting Blog Ranked

With so many people online and trying to get their blog ranked which is the best way?
In my eyes there is only one way to get your site ranked and its a hard path.

First you need to pick the topic or niche you are interested on and have knowlegde about…
If you dont have a great knowlegde of your choosen subject be sure to research it first.
There is a huge amount of ways to research

1. The almighty Google
2. Read other articles on the same and simer subjects
3. Wikipedia Make sure you never copy other work, it will make your job so much harder and waste your time, you will just end up getting your content and writing cancelled or not ranked and rejected.

The more you can come up with fresh content the more google will start listening to what you have to say and reward you with high search ranking. You now have your subject or niche the next thing you need to do is to build your site around your niche, a great way to do this is to use pictures, videos, great fresh content and to help people.
When someone visits your blog, what do they take from it?
Tips, hints, learning, free tool, fun, enjoyment.. make sure you give readers vaule and they will come back or even better tell others and then start the viral marketing ball rolling!

So you have an amazing blog, which looks great has daily fresh content so it will go to the top of google and the visiters will flood in right???? NO<wrong very wrong.

The only way to push your site up the pages is with backlinks, backlinks are when you leave your sites URL some where on the net for people to find your site.
You are going to need a lot of backlinks and this takes time and a lot of effort, but its the right way to get your blog ranked. One thing to note is not to put your backlinks anywhere and everywhere, try and get your backlinks on high pageranked sites for a very powerfull link.

Next step is something of great importance and possibly the key to everything online!
You need TRAFFIC ( visitors to your site) Backlinks help with traffic and getting your site moved up in google, but you can also use social networking sites to push your blog forward even faster.

Final step, repeat repeat repeat the steps above but remember this is something that will take a lot of time and huge effort, don’t think you will get top of google overnight, people spend 14hours a day getting their blogs ranked, but if you know what your talking about, give value and put in the effort you will be able to get your blog ranked.