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Semalt Defines 5 Content Marketing Trends Of 2017

The year 2016 saw many businesses implementing content based promotion strategies across all industries. Content marketing’s prominence is due to its conversion, and user engagement capabilities. It also costs less than other marketing strategies. With an increased number of ad blockers, it is the only sure way to get messages across. Brands need to continue their focus on content marketing in 2017.

Alexander Peresunko, the Customer Success Manager of Semalt Digital Services, continues to favor the following 5 strategies in order to accomplish the marketing tasks successfully.

1. Production of more user-friendly content

Online content consumption increases with the number of online users. 70 percent of B2B marketers wish to create more content as compared to last year. However, increasing the content available serves as half the solution. Google has sophisticated search algorithms, and their Search Bots can now determine the friendliness and relevance of content online for users. Since engagement is one of the primary objectives of content marketing, the relevance of content to a niche audience is of increasing importance to content marketing.

2. Micro-influencers

The rise of social media increased the number of influencing individuals. Marketers have increased their focus on influencer marketing as a result. Based on MuseFind, 92 percent of the customers place more trust on influencers rather than celebrity endorsements or advertisements. 2016 has taught us that influencer marketing revolves around trust, and the authenticity of influencers is what brands are looking for as they continue to pay heed to the importance of micro-influencers in their marketing campaigns.

3. Content personalization

Social networks have different features when it comes to sharing and promoting content online. Some allow customization with such things as location or hashtags. It becomes easier to conduct market segmentations using these analytic functions on social media. Therefore, it would be wise to make the best use of these features. Personalized content is one way to ensure that content marketing focuses on a particular niche, thus increasing relevancy, engagement, brand recall, and ahead of the competition.

4. Video content

With improved video compressing algorithms, marketers send across brand messages, promotions, and engage users without limits. Several online and offline tools exist to assist in creating video content in less time. As much as these tools help to create videos, engagement relies on how well business owners implement their ideas on video content. Businesses can draw inspiration from how other successful brands run their video campaigns. Using engaging videos around the unique selling proposition attracts more customers and help in market share growth.

5. Social media as a news source

A survey done in 2016 shows that more than 50 percent of social media users use it as a source of news. With the increasing popularity of social media as a channel that marketers use to pass content, it is high time that businesses leverage these channels to deliver news as well. Social media has the capacity to convey anything that concerns a certain brand.


New content marketing strategies come to light every year which means making tweaks to an initial marketing strategy. Staying abreast of current trends in content marketing and capitalizing on them is as important as acting in accordance to the fundamentals of content marketing. These are taking advantage of every touch point to reach out to customers, offering solutions using content, and creating a conflict free path towards the solution.

Types of Blogging Services

Most people have questions about the various types of web logs. There are mainly three major types of blogging services. These are:

  • Hosting blogging services: In this type of web log platform, people are required to sign up and then setup their own personal blog accounts. One of the main benefits of this type of blogging services is that you do not need any special software to install in your computer. Hosting platforms are very easy to use and are ideal to be used by those who are new to the world of blogging. According to experts, this is also suitable for those people who do not have the slightest knowledge about various programming like CSS and HTML. All you have to do is maintain a good quality content for people to appreciate.
  • Remote blogging services: Using this type of platform, bloggers get the opportunity to host their own web log system in the incorporated web log host or even by using their own domain. Remote blogging services are best suited for professional and experienced bloggers.
  • Stand-alone platform: To use this type of web log platform, you need to download and install special software in your computer. Such software are either available free or at a certain price online. Stand-alone platforms give you a better chance to control your blog designs in a more efficient manner and also come with a lot of themes for you to choose from for your website. Stand-alone is ideal to be used by those people who prefer more freedom in tailoring their own web logs. However, it is needless to say that you need to have a thorough knowledge of the various technicalities to make it work efficiently.

In case you are looking for a professional who has enough knowledge on blogging services, then visit Pi Media Services. They are experts in this field and have come up with some wonderful solutions in this regard.

Publish Blog

A blog is simply a Net (web) log. Blogs are created for personal or pro use. They may promote a service or product, or just serve as a private online book. There are at the current time just over four million blogs today, with a new blog born each 7 second.

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Starting with a free blog webhosting service permits you to begin blogging immediately without having any advance understanding of scripts, hosting, or programming. It allows you to target your content and not the internal maintenance of the blog.

Blogging is not just limited to personal use. There are a large amount of blogs that follow a theme such as : sports, politics, philosophy, social commentary, etc. These blogs espouse on their particular themes. This way blogging becomes a medium in which folks can share their data and viewpoints about a selection of themes and subjects.Blogs have gotten so preferred because they are so very user friendly for advertising. They are practical, simple to set up and very handy to use. Keeping content current is really easy for webmasters who otherwise would have to spend hours uploading and downloading files.

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The blogging tools for both of my blogs come with syndication capabilities so those using feed readers or aggregators can read the content through the software. When sending a new issue of a newsletter, comment on it or link to it in the blog, that way the blog and feed readers will get the goods, so all three bases are covered.

Blogs varying in subjects, themes, and set-ups, can be found in blog directories. First time users who need to get an idea of what the blogging world is all about can flick thru several blogs using these directories. This way they’d get an idea of what these blogging communities are like.

Many folks looking for online for articles related to publish blog also sought for articles about blog software comparison, blogskin, and even list of northern exposure video blog episodes,coaching.

At Blog Explosion there are monthly contests with free visitors as prizes, there is a monthly traffic lottery, and the Battle of the Blogs. You may also win daily mystery credits. There is a member’s profile directory where members can find blogs of interest, bulletin boards, a Podcast directory, and a data list.Blogging is well-liked all over the world. Blog is short for the term weblog. There aren’t any rules when it comes to blogging. Bloggers have the liberty to express themselves how ever way they need, and the neatest thing about blogging, is that most blogging sites are free.

Tips to Write any Blog Entry

Writing a website could be as simple as baking cookies to 1 individual, but a lot much more difficult to the following. Specialist writers will tell you that they locate webpage creating gratifying. Whenever you is likely to want to gain knowledge of how to lead specific niche market trading markets efficiently you would need to check this stuff out with exactly what Mark Ling is definitely coaching in my own Affilojetpack Review for alot more data.

Those that usually are not fantastic writers may well be intimidated by the job however and may well by no means desire to understand tips on how to create a weblog entry. Composing a webpage entry does not have to be painful nonetheless. It may be a whole lot of enjoyable! If that you are thinking about blogging, but are unsure how to commence, use these six quick actions to crafting a web site entry to have began.

Collect Suggestions

Probably the most tough part about creating anything is determining what you need to create about. Blogs are fascinating simply because it is possible to rely on them in various methods. It is possible to rely on them as being a personal on the net journal of sorts if you wish. You are able to also use them being a location to post your opinions and views. Lastly, you are able to rely on them being a spot to set brief articles of attention for others to read.

If you happen to be deciding on to utilize your web site to be a journal, you may not will need significantly planning. You may most likely basically need to commence creating and see where it requires you. If you need to use the web site for the thoughts or for content articles on the other hand, you will have to collect tips. Generate a list of topic tips that attention you. Use them to establish what your subject will likely be. Following picking a topic, make a rapid outline of key points you desire to include. This step may possibly appear tedious, but it will make another steps go very much far more quickly, so be certain not to skip it.

Select a Tone

Following you’ve selected your topic and produced your brief outline, you’ll must pick your tone. Probably the most successful blogs are written in a casual tone, which is really a welcoming concept to most non-professional writers. Really don’t be concerned about grammatical guidelines. Merely decide on a tone which is like the one you would use when speaking with your spouse or even a good buddy. The tone must be friendly and stress-free.

Write Your Post

Whenever you sit down to write your post, keep in mind the tone you chose for your piece. Keeping the tone in thoughts place your subject concept and outline in front of you and start creating. You ought to maintain your blogs posts pretty brief. They should include your main stage within the very first sentence or two. Don’t ramble on and on or you may danger losing your reader somewhere within the middle. It is possible to strive to maintain your posts in between 300 and 700 words altogether. This might sound like a whole lot, but when you begin writing, you will see that it’ll not acquire a great deal of time to obtain to this place. Really do not neglect to create inside a casual tone. Create exactly like you would speak. Avoid large terms that some folks might stumble over. Produce interesting, yet easy posts for everyone to take pleasure in.

Use a Signature Ending

A signature closing is critical for any blogger. You are able to pick to end every post having a specific quote or phrase. You are able to add your name to the bottom with a unique symbol nearby. It genuinely does not matter the way you opt for to finish your article. Be certain to pick a signature ending nevertheless. A signature ending can be a fantastic way for standard viewers to find out that your article is closing. It can be a comforting sight for several visitors too and make your web site seem a lot more personal.

Edit Your Operate

Immediately after all with the creating is said and carried out, you should constantly edit your operate. Editing isn’t often a enjoyable point to complete, but if you would like your webpage to be taken seriously, you ought to go back over your operate. Appear for misspelled terms as well as other common mistakes. Though you aren’t worrying about grammar, you must not misspell phrases. When you happen to be particular your text is mistake-free, you’ll be able to move on on the final action.

Distribute Your Update

The final action to creating a weblog article is to distribute it to your website. This really is usually accomplished via the blogging application. There’s a place exactly where you can paste your text and click about the “submit” button. The software ought to do the rest. Following submitting, go to your weblog like a reader and verify out your new update.

Getting Blog Ranked

With so many people online and trying to get their blog ranked which is the best way?
In my eyes there is only one way to get your site ranked and its a hard path.

First you need to pick the topic or niche you are interested on and have knowlegde about…
If you dont have a great knowlegde of your choosen subject be sure to research it first.
There is a huge amount of ways to research

1. The almighty Google
2. Read other articles on the same and simer subjects
3. Wikipedia Make sure you never copy other work, it will make your job so much harder and waste your time, you will just end up getting your content and writing cancelled or not ranked and rejected.

The more you can come up with fresh content the more google will start listening to what you have to say and reward you with high search ranking. You now have your subject or niche the next thing you need to do is to build your site around your niche, a great way to do this is to use pictures, videos, great fresh content and to help people.
When someone visits your blog, what do they take from it?
Tips, hints, learning, free tool, fun, enjoyment.. make sure you give readers vaule and they will come back or even better tell others and then start the viral marketing ball rolling!

So you have an amazing blog, which looks great has daily fresh content so it will go to the top of google and the visiters will flood in right???? NO<wrong very wrong.

The only way to push your site up the pages is with backlinks, backlinks are when you leave your sites URL some where on the net for people to find your site.
You are going to need a lot of backlinks and this takes time and a lot of effort, but its the right way to get your blog ranked. One thing to note is not to put your backlinks anywhere and everywhere, try and get your backlinks on high pageranked sites for a very powerfull link.

Next step is something of great importance and possibly the key to everything online!
You need TRAFFIC ( visitors to your site) Backlinks help with traffic and getting your site moved up in google, but you can also use social networking sites to push your blog forward even faster.

Final step, repeat repeat repeat the steps above but remember this is something that will take a lot of time and huge effort, don’t think you will get top of google overnight, people spend 14hours a day getting their blogs ranked, but if you know what your talking about, give value and put in the effort you will be able to get your blog ranked.

Ways to Promote Blog

Whether you have a blog or maintain a website, you will find that the crucial and ultimate point is to drive more traffic to your website or blog. This will increase your page impressions and ad sense revenue as well. Some of the best ways to improve on your blogging and website traffic are discussed below:

1. Write Killer and informative articles:
When you blog see that you do not beat around the bust. Write every article you publish on your blog and website be filled with information. Occasionally write killer articles that will be of a considerable length and rich in information. This way more readers will be interested to come back to your blog for reference and in search of information which increases the number of page views.$

2. Use Social Networking Sites:
There are a number of social networking sites online, which can aid in bringing more readers and increase page views or impressions. Some of the popular and best social networking sites are Facebook and Twitter. Other will include, LinkedIn, orkut, digg, friends feed and much more. Letting your friends and users of these sites know that you have some, new content published online, and will fetch better results in comparison to other ways of increasing the page impressions.

3. Advertise:
If you are blogging about a brand or a product and not concerned about the amount of money spent on advertising your articles, then you can create Ad words for publishing your contents and promoting the contents of your blogs and products. This will increase in a considerable amount the number of page views for your blogs and websites.

4. Create Sitemaps:
Sitemaps are protocols that compile all the URLs of your webpage or blogs, and gathers additional metadata information of the site and the blog. This is them generated as XML files, which is easily identified by the web crawlers, which increases the chances of being picked up to be included in the search engines, and will therefore increases the number of page views.

5. Search Engine Optimization:
Write your articles following the nominations required for search engine optimization or write one or two killer articles, say once in six months, with targeted keywords, which will make your article get recognized by various search engines. Even though you SEO optimize your articles, the best thing to do is to make these articles more informative, for only information alone can increase the chances of being clicked for viewing or page views.

6. Use Online Publishers:
There are a number of online publishers who will publish articles from your blogs and websites, and as these online publishers have more readers and visitors, they will decide and choose the best articles for increasing their web revenue. This way, you are paid for every single click of view for your article. This means they will be sharing a small amount of revenue for the content you write for them, and if you are smart enough, you will be adding your website or blog’s URLs.

7. Write More Static Pages:
When you write static pages of your articles, you can write a new article about the same product, and still cross-refer the older article into this article. This means that you will keep your old readers still engaged with more information that is new and invite more new readers to your website/ blog.

Blog Directories

You may have heard a lot about blog submission services. Do you know how to find a reputable blog submission service or how to go about submitting your blog to one of these types of services? There are many blog submission services that offer you free submission services and will tell you what is required for submission.

There is a better way to earn money through blogging – and that is through blog submissions. This is because of being able to network better. When you network, you can exchange high-quality links with other site. You are also helped with this task because you are part of a blog directory.

Generally it is advised to new bloggers with a few dozen posts to submit their blog to the directories which are low in pagerank. Getting approval there will be easy. After you have gained some authority, then you should fancy those high pagerank directories. So do not wait. Start submitting your blog intelligently.

Doing both of these together will keep the content fresh and relevant on your blog. That is good news when you are trying to achieve or keep a good page ranking. Search engines like fresh and relevant content and will rank your blog better if it has both.

If an article is posted in a high ranking blog and it contains trackback links to your website, you are bound to get lots of hits on a daily basis. In fact, the technique of blog posting has become one of the most important sources of organic one way links back to any website in recent times.

Update your blog until you’ve run out of breath (or keystrokes). Not only is this a pretty straightforward rule of thumb, but there’s the simple satisfaction on your end with providing fresh ideas, tips, tricks and advice for your readers. Whether it’s breaking down the intricacies of your business on down to retorting against previous blogs, there’s a variety of methods at your disposal in keeping your readers hooked.

The blog directory is a website which provides a list of blogs which have submitted to that site. There are mainly used in advertising the blog, by posting a link or an address where people can read articles about the topic they are interested in.

This is by far the most cost effective way to have a website if you do not have the experience or tools to code and maintain web pages offline, and blogs are increasingly easier to spider than traditional websites it would seem.

You can also use link referral sites where you view pages and others review yours, which will gain you a steady stream of traffic, but possibly just waste a lot of your time if you are interested in quality readers rather than empty numbers.

The fresh content will give your website a new lease of life and will help to position your website in the fiercely competitive web world.

Tips For Blogging Success

Here’s how:

1. Think about your target audience

Even if your website is generally personal, even now, it can be better to take into account the minds of one’s readers. You need to think of anything that could interest them.

It’s really a good notion to probe just a little deeper into the subject of Running a blog. What you learn may possibly provide you with the confidence you should venture into new locations.

In the end, most from the factors of folks who compose blogs aren’t whatsoever confined to their very own individual motives. Most of them would adore being “heard” (or study) and would adore to be recognized, in some way or an additional, even for just a minute. Hence, it’s extremely essential to come with a create up that everybody can fully grasp, not necessarily that these persons can relate to it but they are able to realize it.

2. Images speaks a thousand words

To produce your blogging worth the browsing work of the visitors, it will be very good if you will set some photos in it. It does not necessarily mean you have to place a picture of your self. Any photographs will do as lengthy because it doesn’t pose danger or insult to anyone who will be reading your weblog.

3. Make constructive and beneficial weblogs

Even if you might be free of charge to create something you wan to say to the globe, even now, it could be greater to develop some write-ups that will be advantageous for your audience.

In the end, its info technology that you simply have there so greater be inclined to supply data instead of sheer quirky entertainment.

4. Avoid doing multifaceted and complicated weblogs

As a way to have an intriguing weblogs, try not to utilize some highly technical and highfalutin words. After all, it isn’t a science discourse or perhaps a debate which you are generating, so far better stick to simple details and short information sites.

Bear in thoughts that most those who use the World-wide-web normally do a lot more scanning than scrutinizing each and every internet site word for term. Consequently, it will be greater to appear with blogs that won’t bore your readers just since you’ve these lengthy posts.

5. Make it interactive

As a great deal as possible and in case your capacity will permit it, make your blog site interactive. Yu can do this by placing some video or audio clips inside your blog.

You’ll be able to even spot an area for comments or for some feedbacks. In this way, you possibly can get some impressions or reactions of other individuals. Who understands, you may even acquire some pals just by producing them really feel at house in your weblog internet site.

Certainly, weblogs are not produced just to the mere enjoyable of it. It also has its personal objective inside globe on the Net.
Therefore, for those who desire to harness their craft, as considerably as composing is concerned, information sites would be the best strategy to do it.

As they say, blogging is the contemporary term of creative and commercial composing.

Consider time to consider the points presented above. What you find out may well support you overcome your hesitation to take action.

Advantages of Commenting in Dofollow Blogs

People have been using blog commenting for building targeted backlinks since blogs were invented. There are lots of ways to increase the back links to your site but blog commenting is one of the most tried and true. However, in order to take the full advantage of this method SEO wise, you should focus only on do-follow blogs because links on any other blogs won’t be counted by the search engines. When you find these blogs you need to make sure that your comments get approved because the effort being put into the comments you create should be worth it, right?

Reference, When You Can, Should Be Given – One of the reasons that some comments get approved more quickly than others is that they are offered by a worthy source. So, if you can offer up a link to a reference point elsewhere, there is no reason for your comment to get deleted. What you are doing here is giving your opinion and, to help the readers, your references–and for free! This is the best way to be genuine and sound authentic. You’ll gain far more respect from blog owners when you put some effort into creating lots of value. Choose Blogs in Your Market: When you comment on a blog, that blog should be part of your niche or relevant to your own site’s topic. Be sure that the blogs you target for commenting actually relate to the niche you have chosen for your own site. The real reason for this is that relevant backlinks carry a lot more weight than backlinks that are random. This does not mean, however, that you should stop yourself from commenting on posts that aren’t in your target market; if you know about the topic and are interested in it, you should definitely leave a comment. Apart from that, every backlink that you get, regardless of the niche, will count in some way or the other.

Since finding dofollow blogs isn’t easy, you should make sure that the comments you make on them actually get approved.

Use Your Real Name: When you comment on any blog, you have an option to mention your name, which is obvious. What many marketers do is use their primary keyword rather than their name, because they know this will get hyperlinked, but you’re better off using your real name. If you don’t use your name, your comment doesn’t have a very good chance of getting approved. You don’t want to give the impression of someone who’s only after a backlink, and that’s what it looks like if you use a keyword in this field. If you want blog owners to see your comment as authentic and valuable, the way to do this is to use your name.

When You Post Links, Make Sure They’re Short: If you want your blog comment to be approved, don’t send it with a link that has an URL that’s very long. Links of this kind have the appearance of spam, or possibly something even worse, like a virus.

This is why you should avoid using any long URLs in your comment, and make sure every link that you post clearly says what it’s about. The best practice of all is to use your primary keywords in your link, as this is best for SEO purposes, and it will also make it more likely that the comment will be approved.

The Blog Needs a Nice History – There are some blog owners who do not allow comments from those they do not already have a relationship with; stay away from those blogs. Seek out blogs run by people who have a provable history of approving comments that are written well. This will allow you to save lots of time and help you focus only on the blogs that won’t ignore your input. Be really straightforward with your blog commenting and don’t let your feelings get the better of you. You should be as practical as you can in your approach. In summation, this article clearly shows you just how to make the most out of do-follow blogs; you need to comment on them correctly and put a lot of effort into having those comments approved. Slowly and steadily you will be able to create lots of back links to your own site so make sure that your comments get approved. Do not underestimate how powerful blog commenting can be if you do the work and take our advice.

Way Set up Web Blog

To create your blog follow these simple steps :

1) Make a list of features that your blog will require. Like photo, video upload, text limit, archiving and publishing.

2) Browse a number of providers who will allow you to host your blog free of cost.

3) Select the provider and fill out a profile. The process involves giving your name, your photograph for displaying, email address, a customized web address and other optional information.

4) You have to choose a template. This will determine the look and feel of your blog, including font and background options.

5) You surely want to track how many people visited your web blog, for this purpose sign up for a web analytic package. It will give you a line of code for insertion into the html code of your web site

Remember when you are writing a blog the visitors connect to you through your words, therefore develop a distinct voice in you posts. Select topics for web information, which are unique and on which less or nothing has been discussed before. People always feel attracted to know something new; they will feel no urge to know things that are already discussed. Never reveal confidential information, those related with the government, your home address and contact number.